Chris Dews – Writer

Photographs of places in the books

Stone circle on Mull 1

The stone circle on Mull. The entrance to Faerieland in ‘The Druid and the Bracelet’


Adirondacks and the Gorgeous Pimples in ‘Aengus Amused’







Doune Broch 3

Doune Broch – Where Ikky saw the ghosts in ‘Aengus Amused’



The Standing Stones at Callanish. Used in ‘Aengus Amused’

A real crannog

Kisimul Castle, Barra – Inspiration for the crannog in ‘The Druid and the Bracelet’


Cairn on Uist

A stone cairn on Uist. Inspiration for Beitiris’s cairn in ‘The Druid and the Bracelet’