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The Druid and the Bracelet – a must read for fantasy lovers!

Chris Dews weaves Celtic history, legend, myth, and magic into an altogether wonderful read. In the world of faeries, dragons, Druids, and a funny, sweet natured ogre named Erbert, an unseen evil is loose in the land propelling the story’s small band of heroes through non-stop, life-threatening adventure. I recommend this book to those who enjoy fantasy and suspense with a healthy dollop of romance added to the mix. Dews knows his craft and his subject and should not be missed. Can’t wait for the next book! Somehow evil is never completely vanquished and a hero’s job never completely finished. – n j gee

A fantastical tale that feels real

The Druid and the Bracelet succeeds at what so many fantasy novels fail at—creating a world that on the one hand is filled with magic, gods and faeries, druids and monsters—and yet still feels as real as the world outside my front door. Much of this is owing to the characters: our heroes range from druids and witches, to warriors and kings, but each one is a complex human being, with failings and triumphs that are so relatable and real, you’ll feel as though you know them — despite the fact that they live in a fantastical version of ancient Scotland.

The pacing is fast enough to keep even an easily bored reader (read: this reviewer) completely hooked, while at the same time managing to have many scenes that are deeply emotional and intense. But there are also battles and duels, and enough excitement to keep any reader up well past bedtime. Throw in some fascinating historical tit-bits and a lovable ogre, and you’ve got one hell of a good novel. – Wind-Chaser

A very good collection of some adventurous ideas that together resulted in a gripping tale.

A mix of fantasy and reality leant some additional excitement to an already interesting story. Excellent character portrayal allowed one to live within the story which made it even more enjoyable. Easy to read and difficult to put down. A jolly good book. – Sea Jay.

An unusual, fulfilling fantasy.

I don’t usually like fantasy stories, but I’m glad I picked up this one. The background of Celtic superstition and mythology gives the story genuine heft, and I feel that the story and leading characters are well developed. At the end of the book, I felt sorry to leave them. Erbert is definitely my favorite ogre! – An Amazon Customer

A Richly Textured, Highly Satisfying Fantasy Novel

The Druid and the Bracelet is a highly entertaining and enjoyable fantasy novel.

Often, the fantasy genre gives rise to many of the same types of characters and plotlines, giving you the sense that you’ve already read the book . . .but just a few things are different. Yet not different enough for the story to feel ultimately satisfying. But this book is quite different – in a good way.

The characters (their personalities, backgrounds, inner conflicts) in the Druid and the Bracelet are truly original, making you feel like you’re reading something truer to life – much more than what you’d expect in a fantasy novel. This (as well as the characters being fully fleshed out) resulted in a real connection with the protagonist Lailoken and real affection and empathy for the spunky Lilidh. Feeling so invested makes for a richer journey and more satisfying payoff at the end.

I get the feeling (and hope) that there’s another book coming to continue the adventures of this group. We get to meet some very interesting people like Andra (who plays a key role that I won’t spoil), but there’s a lot more potential there with this character that’s only alluded to. – GadgetLover67

A tale to enchant you.

The Druid and the Bracelet has something for everybody. It held me in thrall throughout and the author’s skill in plucking the ending from a series of events that had gone very wrong caught me completely by surprise.

Bracelet contains all the elements we expect in a great story: adventure, romance, courage, mystery, enchanted forests , a mystical quest, and the kind of characters whose adventures we love to share.

Those of us who grew up in a land that had no European settlement before the 19th century sometimes find it difficult to touch roots with ancestors who lived in another hemisphere, yet in this book I was given the opportunity to identify with a mythology as old as humankind. Here, the myths and fears of the ancient Britons are brought to life in a way that can touch us all.

Chris Dews has done his research. He has made himself an authority on the lore and legends of the British Isles and has shared that knowledge in a delightful way.

This is a fascinating story. If you like the tales of old, if you enjoy the unequal struggle of ordinary people pitting themselves against insurmountable odds, and winning, this book is for you. – David Evans