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Aengus Amused

Aengus Amused

Aengus Amused is not your normal fantasy. It’s funny, thought-provoking and imaginative. There’s time travel, using ogre-guarded muddy puddles—be careful the teethy-snouts don’t get you. There are haggis skeletons—they’ll change you into a tin of beans if you come too close. There’s an ancient god in a filthy cottage, watching wars and famine on his black and white television.

Aengus wants to live forever, so must kill the dinosaurs, those dim-witted animals that block evolution. Young Harper and her friends, spirits of the weather, fight back with an Iklwa that can wield the ‘old powers’. Aengus’s revenge is terrible, but it doesn’t stop them. They search for the ancient Dozypithicus, he’s sure to help. Most of all, they must bring the Iklwa back to the Paraffin Lake to gain his full strength. Then he will show Aengus a thing or two. Or will he?

‘Aengus Amused’ is a whimsical, alternative history of the death of the dinosaurs, and takes place on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, simultaneously in the sort-of present day and sixty-five million years ago.

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Aengus Amused includes a character, Aengus, who believes he is God. The book contains scenes of an imagined Heaven and its saints. Please exercise caution.


What People are Saying about ‘Aengus Amused’

As an avid reader, I began the New Year 2014 with AENGUS AMUSED and found it to be an unforgettable page-turner…I just could not put it down. It’s a superbly creative adventure fantasy, utterly unique and fascinating, done with compelling visual imagery that stays with you forever — all set in the decline of the dinosaur epoch sixty-five million years ago.

AENGUS AMUSED has all the mythic qualities of the hero’s journey, rendered with pathos and human insight. So much looking forward to the next volume of this trilogy.

– Virginia Hoyt


“Aengus Amused” is as extraordinary as it is unusual. Call it fantasy if you will, but l found it to be much more than that: a parable at the very least.

Harper and her friends challenge the power of a malevolent deity who rules his world from a shanty on the Isle of Lewis, yet they are over-matched. Harper finds herself transformed first into a sheep dog and then into something much worse, as Aengus recognises the threat she poses.   It is only her driving passion to save the dinosaurs that keeps this unlikely band together in search of two things. They must devise a weapon capable of defeating a god, and they must find an ancient savant who may have the knowledge they need.

The storyline swings easily back and forth between the age of the dinosaurs and the modern day and kept me enthralled throughout. The characters are a paradox: they shouldn’t work, but they do. Brilliantly.

This is author Chris Dews’s first novel and I know it won’t be his last. He writes fluently, manages a difficult plot with ease, and both his personal philosophy and his sense of humour shine through, sometimes unexpectedly, and often left me laughing.

I’d recommend this book to you. It’s a good read.

– David Evans