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In 1946, Chris was born in the bombed out, grimy and exhausted north England town of Bradford in Yorkshire, England.

His father was an engineer and his mother, surprisingly for the time and place, had a deep love of literature. Chris grew up with talk of the latest works by D. H. Lawrence and Dylan Thomas buzzing around the small house.

Chris was always a storyteller. Even at a young age, he amused his friends with imagined tales of the mouse ‘Sandeman’ and comrades. Later, in Grammar School, his skill for amusing writing was commented upon, although not always appreciated.

Chris studied Electronic Engineering in London, meeting and marrying Valerie in 1969. He worked for several years in Hampshire, then at the age of 31, the couple left to live in the Californian Silicon Valley, where Chris enjoyed a successful career as an Electronic Engineer.

The author imprisoned in the engineer broke free upon his retirement in 2012, and Chris began his first full-length novel, ‘Aengus Amused’.

Chris still lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, enjoying mountain biking, piloting small airplanes and most of all, writing. He and Val have two adult daughters.

Chris has taken several writing courses at Stanford University, and will be taking more in the future.