Four Covers for The Druid and the Bracelet

A chance to be part of the process.


These are four covers I’m considering for ‘The Druid and the Bracelet’.

I hope you will be part of the process, and help me decide which cover to use. Look at the covers, then leave a comment below.

Thank you.

‘The Druid and the Bracelet’ is a fantasy/adventure story that, in part, follows the adventures of Lailoken, his brother Cynbel, and the girl Lilidh who enter a mysterious dark stone fort on a loch to search for Lailoken’s sister Aileen.

Cover One shows the mysterious fort (dun) on the dark loch.

Cover Two is more abstract, yet speaks well to the Celtic times this story is set in.

Cover Three shows an ancient spirit locked in a lead box in an underground chamber, which figures strongly in the story.

Cover Four catches the mood of the story well, but the scene it shows does not appear in the book.


 kindle-ebook  DBcoverfinal Stone circle ritual with two hooded figures materialising above an ancient megalithic monument against a dark, atmospheric stormy sky.  ebook

Cover One

Cover Two

Cover Three

Cover Four

35 thoughts on “Four Covers for The Druid and the Bracelet

  1. Sephira

    I’m leaning towards the one on the right (cover three).

    The one on the left (cover one) would be my second choice, but I’m not overly fond of the font used. If there was any way for cover one to use the font/title layout from cover three I would totally change my vote.

        1. Sephira

          Changing my vote to cover four and I do think it fits in well with the book. I think it’s slightly overly pretty, but at the same time, there is that element at points – the glamour of things that really aren’t as they appear. So even though it’s different than what might be in the book, I think the overall effect is better.

          1. Chris Dews Post author

            Thank you Sephira! Cover four is from Argentina and I think it shows the South American taste. If I ever publish south of the border, I think I’ll use cover four.

  2. Yosey

    I really like cover one.; very mystical/Celtic.
    Three is a bit too dark, but would be my second choice.
    Four is visually very pretty, but I don’t think pretty is what you are going for.
    Two is just not very appealing to me.

        1. Chris Dews Post author

          I will let you know which cover I’m going to use, Yosey. I agree, #4 is a very attractive cover, but… does it fit the book?

  3. Johnna

    Cover One. I really like it. It sends a message of mystery and intrigue. I want to pick up the book and read.
    Cover Two does not appeal to me at all
    Cover Three too dark but interesting
    Cover Four. Like the green and the connection to Ireland, but I am unclear as to the type of book and less likely to pick it up to read.
    So excited for you! Way to go!

  4. Goss

    I like both covers 1 and 3 with a preference for cover 1 Only because I don’t like dark covers. However, cover 3 looks more mysterious. Very difficult! Cover 4 would frustrate me if the picture does not represent the content. Good luck with your choice.


  5. Eric

    I like Cover 1, but I would like to see the title above and in larger font. Basically take the title/fonts of Cover 3 and put them on Cover 1 graphics.

    Cover 3 and 4 are pretty much tied to me, but I like Cover 1 best by at least 25%.

    1. Chris Dews Post author

      Thanks Eric. The covers are all ‘done deals’ and all by different designers who have access to different fonts etc.

  6. Virginia Hoyt

    Dear Chris,
    You are receiving a variety of input here…for me, my choice is very clear, I prefer Cover Four, hands down, no doubt; that cover would make me pick up the book and want to read it. The Druid green, the mystic font – and having read the book already, to me that cover catches best the ambience of your story.
    A distant second is Cover One.

    1. Chris Dews Post author

      Hi Virginia,

      I know JUST what you mean! Cover #4 captures the essence of the book very well. Other covers show more of what goes on inside the book. Sheesh, this is SUCH a difficult decision! 🙂

  7. Dozy

    Chris, I’m gonna be the odd man out here and opt for #2. When I first looked at them it leapt out at me. There’s no picture but the font is runic and mysterious and it calls out to the reader in large letters.

    When I enlarged them I almost changed my mind because the others are also great and I especially like #4 BUT when it’s displayed on Kindle with thousands of other books, we’re not going to get the enlarged view and can’t see the value of it. If your sales are mainly going to be on the Internet then I think #2 makes the biggest impact. If you’re more concerned with the overall picture I’d personally choose #4.

    1. Chris Dews Post author

      Dozy, you have definitely caught the thinking behind cover #2 – that it would be Celtic and reserved and not shout about dragons and things. The designer responded extremely well to my inputs. You’re right, almost all my sales will be iBooks – Kindles in fact.

      Thanks for the input.

  8. Rob Magovern

    I favor cover #1, incorporating Sephira’s suggestion: change its font. (shall to send you a separate message, Chris, via email–rob)

    1. Chris Dews Post author

      Thanks Rob – not that easy to change the font at this stage… 🙂 I’ll look forward to your email, and hope your own writing is going well – Chris

  9. Large

    Reads like the sort of story one hates to leave unfinished. When do we get the next episode?

    I would vote definitely not no.2, no.4 I would rank 3rd place leaving no.s 1 and 3 in a toss- up for 1st. Place. They are both good but if I had to choose only one from a book-shelf it would probably be no. 3 (with no.1 a close second). So I vote for no. 3

    Congratulations on your latest book Chris


  10. sandra

    i was immediately drawn to cover 1 and it is still my first choice. it depends what purpose you wish your cover to fulfil. if that is the first time reader who is browsing the net
    looking for a book to read then, for me, this has to be the one. my second choice would be cover 2, but only because i found it atttractive, which could just be because blue is my favourite colour!
    congratulations on getting this far and all the best with publication.

    1. Chris Dews Post author

      Thank you Sandra – yes, it’s the first time reader that I need to attract so the cover needs to be immediately intriguing.

  11. larrry weiner

    Ann and I are split between 1 and 4.. But to be fair — I think we’d need to READ (and buy) the book to know
    what’s appropriate. And to top it off — we’re not English… Best of luck..

    Larry and Ann

    1. Chris Dews Post author

      Hey Larry, good to hear from you. Thanks for your input – you will be able to buy the book (paperback or Kindle) in October, all going well. US English is good. 🙂

      My regards to Ann – I hope all is good over in your part of the country.

  12. Virginia Hoyt

    Dear Chris,
    I came back to read more responses and really enjoying the comments you are receiving.
    Very interesting because as far as I can tell there is not one cover predominating in opinions here! My own hands-down favorite does not seem to get many votes at all, other than my own…although Dozy may be the only one so far who opts for Cover #2?
    You STILL have a difficult decision before you, but perhaps just the wide range of votes and comments will in itself help you!
    I will come back again and see what transpires next, when will you make your final choice?

    1. Chris Dews Post author

      Hi Virginia – I must admit, that having read everybody’s views (and I received many by email which don’t show here), it’s cover 1 or 4 for me.

      The final decision will come in a few days – I want to ask people to nominate me for inclusion in the Kindle Scout program (it’s not hard or lengthy) and I’d rather send one email than two. I’m waiting to find out from Kindle what I have to do for that.

  13. Eleanor Forman

    Of the choices as-is, I like #3 best, but the reason I don’t like #2 is the typography is off, not the artwork. If you used the typography from the bottom of #1 or from #4, that would vastly improve the look. I also think #3 should have the typography from the bottom of #1 or from #4.

    1. Chris Dews Post author

      Thanks Eleanor,

      I published today with the most popular cover – sorry I couldn’t take your comments into account.

      Regarding making the book free for the first day, it’s already published on Kindle so it’s a bit late now. However, I tried making my earlier book free for a while, and found it not to be a good idea. I plan to have a Goodreads Giveaway for the paperback in a couple of weeks though…

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