The Publishing Conundrum

As any writer will tell you, writing the book is only the first of three steps when making your work available to readers. Publishing is the second. Marketing is the third.

Book publishing is changing dramatically – the more traditional approach of finding an agent, the agent finding a publisher and the publisher finding the readers is giving way to the direct writer-to-reader model.

I feel that ‘The Druid and the Bracelet’ may attract a traditional agent and publisher at some point, and certainly going that route might validate my claim to be a writer. But, it’s a slow and uncertain method of publishing a book, and promotion of the book would still be largely up to me.

Publishing the book myself, both as a paperback and and ebook, using CreateSpace, Kindle and Amazon, would have me shouldering the costs for editing, cover design and marketing, and may not result in as wide a readership as going the traditional route.

A third option is approaching an independent press, but few of them appear to offer significant distribution advantages over self-publishing.

So – look out world – I’ve decided that ‘The Druid and the Bracelet’ will be self-published, and self-marketed. I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

I will tell you all about my experiences in this blog – should make interesting reading!


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