Progress report on “The Druid and the Bracelet”.

I expect to publish my new book, “The Druid and the Bracelet”,  in September, 2015. Presently I’m having the manuscript edited.

This book is set in Western Scotland, around 200BCE, and is a fast-paced story of Druids, Dragons, Gods, Faeries and the occasional zombie.

An evil being, the Pitiless One, confined by the faeries and the Dragon Queen one thousand years before, is breaking free. The young Druid, Lailoken, and his warrior brother, Cynbel, must act when their witchy sister, Aileen, disappears.  Their brotherly compact, and the search for Aileen, are threatened by the arrival of the attractive but outspoken Lilidh, who, though damaged by the nasty Moncreiffe, attracts the interest of both the brothers.

The writing of this story follows my deep research into Celtic Scotland in 200BCE. Authenticity to the lives, beliefs and superstitions of these people has been a major goal.



2 thoughts on “Progress report on “The Druid and the Bracelet”.

  1. Eilidh Collins

    Hi Chris. I stumbled across an excerpt of your new book yesterday, and was so gutted that I couldn’t buy the whole thing! I’m already so intrigued; not only am I from the west coast of Scotland myself (Oban) but it’s beautifully written and the story “grabbed” me from the first page. When will the book be available to buy? Please say “soon,” I don’t think I could wait any longer!
    You have a gift, Chris. Don’t ever stop writing!

    1. Chris Dews Post author

      Eilidh, thank you! I love your name – I hope you won’t mind if I use it sometime. I mentioned to Murdo in Lewis that I was using his name for a bad guy in ‘Bracelet’ and he didn’t seem to mind at all!

      The Druid and the Bracelet is on sale on Amazon as a paperback sometime this week (I released it on CreateSpace yesterday).

      If I get time to release it on Kindle today (before I fly to Edinburgh for a trip around Arran, returning through Oban) it will be available on Kindle today also.

      It’s great to hear from you – I hope you enjoy the book – please let me know!

      – Chris

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